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Road Hero Spare Wheel Kits

Road Hero is an aftermarket space saver spare wheel solution for your vehicle, designed with all you need to safely get you on your way.

Calling recovery doesn’t have to be your only option. There is nothing like having a spare wheel in the boot, and since 2012 vehicle manufacturers are no longer required to supply one.

While some sealants or run flat tyres are good for small holes, these cannot cope with major failures. As a result, there are 30,000 punctures per month and many of them end in recovery.

With Road Hero you have peace of mind knowing your puncture will simply be an inconvenience, rather than a show stopper.

Over 5 years research and development ensures Road Hero is the most comprehensive spare wheel solution. Each kit is engineered for a specific vehicle fitment, down to the manufacturers rolling circumference tolerance to safely get you on the way.

Every Road Hero Spare Wheel kit includes:

Road Hero spare wheel
  • Alloy space saver spare wheel
  • Temporary use space saver tyre
Road Hero breakdown kit
  • 2 ton scissor jack
  • Adjustable wheel brace and sockets
  • Warning triangle
  • Gloves
  • Hi-Vis
  • Head torch
  • Kneeling mat
  • Rain poncho
  • Punctured wheel bag
Road Hero kit bags
  • Spare wheel storage bag
  • Breakdown kit storage bag

Road Hero in numbers

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2 out of 3 new cars, vans and camper vans do not come with a spare wheel

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Every 60 Minutes the RAC attend a pothole related breakdown in UK

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£10.24 billion over 10 years is needed to clear the backlog of maintenance on roads in England & Wales

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my Road Hero fit in the spare wheel well of my camper van or car?
A: We cannot guarantee that all Road Heros will fit into a vehicle's wheel well, so we provide a protective bag for safe storage.

Q: Will my Road Hero affect my camper van or car's handling?
A: Handling will be different as the Road Hero has a much skinnier tyre compared to a standard wheel.

Q: Will my breakdown service fit my Road Hero?
A: Most reputable breakdown companies will fit a space saver wheel, however we recommend checking before making a journey.

If you need any further information about Road Hero spare wheel kits, please get in touch.