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March 18, 2021 1 min read

You’ve looked at the same four walls for over a year. And now Matt and Boris are telling us it’s almost time to cry freedom. Great!  Finally, the prospect of escape. But what will freedom look like?  Quite possibly, another four walls as you endure quarantine in some hotel. Crowds, queues, vaccination passports… Who needs all that?

Growing numbers of us are eyeing up the potential of ‘staycations’. Yes, this is because international travel is not what it was. But there is another equally important reason. From Southern down to Northern crag, the UK has some of the most varied and beautiful landscape in the world. Add in the mobility of a campervan, and the potential for relaxation and adventure looks even better. And, by God we’ve earned it!

We’ve been cooped up against our better instincts. Weren’t we all originally nomadic? We’re hard wired to move from place to place. We can manage to suppress these instincts in normal life but lockdown has painfully brought the psychological cost of this suppression home to all of us. So, the thought of pulling up in a new place, with a new view each evening, is intoxicating. Woods, valleys, mountains, beaches, lakes – all of that breath-taking beauty and variety is about to be available to us again. If you ever needed a reminder that owning a campervan is life-enhancing, the summer that stretches ahead of us is going to be it.